Why Do Sandbag Training

Why Sandbag Training?


  1. Training Can Be Done Anywhere

There’s really no excuse not to train with a sandbag, they can be used anywhere. You can use them in the gym, outside in your garden, or the street and my personal favourite on the beach. They can also be taken away with you on your travels, just take the empty bag and fill it up on the beach when you arrive.

2. All Weather Training


You can train in all weathers. It’s perfect to build up that grit and metal fortitude when you’re out in the elements. No matter if it’s raining or snowing you can still blast out your workout. Even better for when the sun is shining and you want some out of the gym time. 


3. Training with a sandbag is Tough!

Training with a sandbag is challenging and you will find that you can only lift around 40-50% of the weight compared to a similar movement on a barbell. This being said if you are only wanting to achieve maximal strength then stick with the barbell. However adding in a sandbag is the perfect tool to add to your workout to improve both conditioning and strength.

4. Training is Affordable

Sandbag training is a very inexpensive way to get your sweat on. Whether you’re using a commercial bag or a homemade version you’ll be saving serious money. Sand is around £3 per 25kg, comparatively to a 25kg plate which is around £60. It’s not going to break the bank but it will give you amazing results. 

5. Build Stability & Strength

Sandbags build strength and stability because of the nature of the bag. Sand is free flowing and is constantly shifting around within the bag. This means that you as an athlete will be shifting your centre of mass in order to lift, carry, squat etc. This has massive carry over in anything that requires controlling odd objects or  playing on unstable surfaces in sports, life or work. It allows you to create strength in abnormal plains that can’t be achieved with just using a barbell or free weights

6. Great For Sports Performance

The sandbag is perfectly suited to sports where the conditions are constantly changing. Whether your sport involves lifting loads, dragging weight, moving odd objects, or strength endurance the sandbag will be an excellent tool to train for it. Sheer brute strength in all areas (legs, back, arms, shoulders, etc) will be developed and will transfer into all aspects of training.

In order to do certain things. Movements with a sandbag you need all round strength to pick it up. It’s not like unpacking a barrel to squat. You need to be able to pick it up in the first place before you even start squatting. Holding the sandbag in a bear hug while you are descending on your squat will not only increase those legs, but your core stability will improve as well as your natural grip strength.


By George Birtle